Elemental tiger


One of my only drawings where it took two separate occasions to finish. It’s supposed to be some sort of elemental thing. I’ve been debating on coloring it or not, especially the water fire and smoke. Let me know what you think I should do with it.


Smoke and Coffee


The taste of smoke and coffee take me back to a place I wish I never left. It was a stressful place, but I loved it. I miss feeling loved no matter where I was or who I was with. I didn’t know what to do with what I had, so I did what I knew how to do. I tore down everything I had and expected her to still love me. It wasn’t till after I left when we both realized how much of a mistake it was. But that doesn’t matter anymore.

The taste of smoke on her lips after our morning coffee. I hated it, but after each of my cigars all I can think of is sitting with her while she smoked. She knew how flawed I was and tried as hard as she could to help me but I was too immature to want to grow up. I could have had the world and I couldn’t see it.

Now smokey aftertaste and coffee is all I have left, and it reminds me daily of my mistakes.

If by some off chance you still read my blog, I still think about you.