I used to love.

Have you ever told someone you love them?

I love you.

I love you too.

Do you still love them? Are they still around to love? Do they still love you?

It’s funny because “I love you” gets thrown around a lot. It’s not as special as you once thought it was, is it? Love used to see so special but now you know that it only leads to pain. Love will never have a happy ending, ever. No matter the outcome, it’s going to be tragic. One way or another, the person you love will be gone. Best case scenario, you fall in love with someone, marry them and live together forever. Then what happens? One of you dies and the other is left to grieve, alone. That is literally the best thing to come out of love. You wait your entire life for the most pain you will ever feel. Love is awful.

I’m sick of saying I love you only for that person to leave…even if they were the one to say it first. I’m sick of loving someone who left. “I love you” turns into i love you as a brother turns into I want you to be happy turns into a broken friendship. I’m not talking about one moment or person in particular, this happens to be a trend in my life.

I’m sick of love and the pain it brings. I’m sick of seeing people love and their ignorance towards it. It’s not a thing of happiness, it’s a thing of time. You can only love for so long before the love starts to hurt and tear at your heart.

I don’t want to love again, it hurts too much.

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