This song gives me chills. I’m not very good at showing people who I really am, but I try really hard to hide my scars and issues. I don’t always do a good job and sometimes it gets people hurt, but I’m trying. Lots of people don’t understand mental illnesses and don’t even see them as illnesses. They see them as different or something controllable. Once someone who doesn’t understand mental illnesses finds out you have something like depression then they see you a little differently. Once you show people your scars and imperfections that’s all they can see and then that’s all that you’ll feel from that person, judgement and confusion.

You’re better than your scars show that you are, all you have to do is find a way to not hide your scars, but let people know that’s not all you are. It’s hard, I know…I’m trying too though, so you’re not alone.


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