I’ve started to hear voices. Voices that aren’t there or should be there. I don’t know what they are saying, it’s just a mumble, but it’s there. I never thought much of it so I kept putting it off. I didn’t realize that it was actually happening until my doctor asked if I was hearing things or voices. I put him off but my next visit he asked again and by then I knew that it wasn’t just a thing that I should be putting off.

I’m now on 3 different prescriptions. 150 mg of Zoloft, 100 mg of Trazadone for insomnia and 1 mg of Risperidone for the voices.

The voices didn’t bother me, it was just something that was happening. Like a voice in my head but I could actually hear it. My doctor said that it’s something that happens when some people reach a point of depression that their minds create these voices. They have slowed down and haven’t been occurring as often now that I’m taking the risperidone.

I have another appointment in a few weeks.


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