A week to find myself.

A week to find myself.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with this as much as I used to. It’s been several weeks since I’ve said anything, and before that was another several weeks. I’ve just been out of it lately. I haven’t been 100% me. I have an appointment with a psychiatrist on the 19th because I feel I may be depressed. It was originally scheduled for the 5th of this month but I am going to be going back up to my college campus for a week to see friends that I haven’t seen since December. I was torn because I wanted that appointment, but I feel like getting out for a week and just having fun might help. I did reschedule though, because a week isn’t going to change anything. I am hoping that a week with my friends helps me find myself. I feel like I’ve been lost in my own mind, alone. I don’t even feel like me. I had a really awesome day/night yesterday though. The first time I was even semi happy in awhile. Maybe after a week I’ll feel a little better…maybe.

Hopefully I’ll find something to write about before my appointment. I hate to let this go for weeks with nothing new.

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