Have you ever been in that stationary position in your life where the days don’t matter? You don’t know what date it is unless you look at your phone. You sleep most of the day away and your family doesn’t even say anything about it anymore because it’s just become normal for them to never see you. They see you two or three times a day, for an hour a day, tops. Nothing is entertaining anymore, the games you played, the shows you watched, the movies that are available, music. The only thing that keeps the boredom away is talking to someone. You desperately try to talk to people, but you barely have anyone. Two, maybe three people are there to talk to you. You barely sleep at night because you have nowhere to go, nothing important to do. Ever.

I’m not the only one, am I?

It’s very lonely. Yeah, people talk to me, but it’s deeper than that. I’m tired of being alone.

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