What am I afraid of?
Well lets get the obvious out of the way first. Spiders. I don’t even have to explain myself with that one.
Now, fun time. I have an irrational fear of windows. It’s not just when it’s dark either. Although during the day I am much more comfortable with them. I almost always have to know what is outside of any window. I will literally stand at a window for tens of minutes just looking at what is out there or where “things” could be. Maybe it was from watching too many scary movies when I was young. Maybe it was being startled by my own reflection. Maybe it was because I lived in the middle of the woods for a long time and had a vivid imagination. Maybe it was something an objects reflection that looked like a face and now I’m traumatized. I don’t recall a reason. I do however remember the window that I first became afraid of. It was a window in my grandmothers house that faced the only little bit of trees that was in our little neighborhood. I remember just being tall enough that my head was just visible in the reflection. It was next to the tv in the living room. Meaning, of course, that it was always there and I could always see it.
It’s not that I’m afraid of the dark or afraid of being murdered or even afraid of dying. I’m just afraid of what could be outside of the window or just looking into the eyes of someone about to come into my abruptly ending life. It’s not even that I’m afraid of my life abruptly ending (I guess that ties in with dying), it’s just that feeling of helplessness I guess.
Even something like seeing a spider on the sleeve of my shirt will freeze my entire body and leave me feeling paralyzed. So if a spider can do that to me then I’m entirely afraid of what seeing a face looking back at me from the other side of a window would do. Of course I’d like to think that I’d be fine because I’m a man and shouldn’t be afraid of things and should be ready to protect myself and blah blah derpy fuckin doo. Go up to Stalones house, stare at him through his window, I am willing to bet all the money I’ll ever make that you scare the shit out of him. Well…I don’t know…maybe this is just me.
I was going to try to make up a creepy story about windows but I figured I’d tell you why I’m afraid of them and what reason I even had to want to write something about them in the first place. I’m sure some people probably laugh at how ridiculous this is, but I don’t care. I’m sure you’re afraid of something embarrassing, you’re just too proud to admit it.

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