So far away

I was wrong. All of this is wrong. It’s about time to start fixing everything and doing what I want with my life. It’s my life and I’ll do with it what I will. I understand all the negative criticism that I will and have received, but please just let me do what I want. I want nothing more than to go back home. I don’t belong here…just because my friends are here doesn’t mean this is the place for me. I’m going to do absolutely everything I can to get this done. I care about what other people have to say, it just doesn’t bother me what they think. I hate that I’ve done this to everyone around me and that I’m doing it again, but I’m not living for them or to make them happy.

I guess there’s a lesson to be learned in all of this, do what makes you happy and not what others want you to, because no matter what you will always long for what made you happy. No one will understand why I’m doing this and I’ll have to explain myself to everyone and people are going to be mad and blah blah blah, typical though.

I’m doing this for me. And this time it’ll be right.  

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