I guess I was right to worry.

I can’t help myself from looking at the pictures, from reading recent conversations or posts. It’s just so much harder than I thought. It’s so weird not knowing what’s going on. My dog started barking, and I got all excited because I thought someone was here, disappointing.

I haven’t been eating healthy or exercising at all and I put on 4 pounds ever since getting home. I’ve been bloated and junk. Every day that it’s nice out I tell myself “I should probably go run or even go for a walk or something”, it’s been nice for the past couple days and I still haven’t done it yet. 

And, to make everything else even better, my mom is planning on moving to Washington sometime this summer. So I guess I never will see you again. That’s just what I wanted to add on top of all of my worries. I guess that’s what happens to me though. 


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